Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A route march for the second cohort ...

The legionary fort prefect (praefectus castrorum), is ensuring the legion is ready for campaign; he thinks the second cohort is looking a bit sloppy and wants them out on a route march to toughen them up-  the Pilus Prior 2nd Cohort, responds "Yes Sir, I'll get them marching.."
The 2nd cohort starts to form up ....
[new items:
Senior Officer -  Rose Miniatures; Centurion, Cornicien,Standard Bearer, Two legionaries - Call to Arms conversions; Legionary in marching gear - Italeri Fabri]

Friday, December 27, 2013

Trouble with slaves ...

The Governor decides on the fate of a couple of runaway slaves, Athenicus and Aelia, on his estate who have been captured..
The Governor, usually lenient, makes his decision - as Athenicus has been a frequent trouble maker and attempted escape before he decides to send him to his own gladiator school;  Aelia will be made to work in the fields for a month before returning to duties in his palace.
[new items: 
Slave in chains -  Marx, with added hair.; Slave girl - Rose Miniatures.]

Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Governor visits the temple ....

The aim from now on is continue in a semi-story mode with little scenes etc identifying newly completed items as I go with a note at the bottom of the post 

The governor, unsure of the next action to take over the unrest in the local tribes,  has visited a temple to make a sacrifice and take the auspices from the resident augur.....
Meanwhile at a 'checkpoint' near Botulinum ...
Centurion: Let them go, these are not the slaves we're looking for.

[new items: 
Temple - altar with sacrifice and priest - Atlantic 1/32
Checkpoint - two females and one male figure (at back) from Marx, with slight conversions.]