Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Roman survey team ...

 Obelix: Oooh romans ! can we go and beat them up ?
Asterix: No we haven't time, leave them be - we'll be late for the feast, lets get back to the village


A roman survey team is at work in the valley near the cross roads of two trackways ....
Officers watch the surveying team at work ...
Pole guy: What ?
Surveyor: A Little to the left

A closer look at the surveyor with his groma ...
 [new items: Officer with gold helmet and large plume; Roman legionary with grounded shield (Timpo Toyway Heroic); Surveyor and Pole guy - converted Marx figures- the groma is made from a cocktail stick and tile spacers with thin wire for cords]

Sunday, March 2, 2014

In Botulinum (and elsewhere ..)

Two members of the local council of Botulinum meet and get into a discussion about what to do about the unrest amonng the local gallic tribes, while their wives have a nice chat ...


Meanwhile Woudicca, the eldest daughter of Gargamantua (queen of the Queriates) returns home to inform her mother that two minor tribes, the Constipates and Incontinentes, have pledged their support for a possible uprising.
[new items: Top picture - four civilian from Atlantic; Bottom picture the female warrior at the front - an Ebay purchase already painted, manufacturer unknown.]