Sunday, August 3, 2014

Chariot racing at the 'Circus Minimus' ....

The Circus Minimus on the outskirts of Botulinum, facilities are very basic - a new central reservation has been finished - the governor has more work planned. The crowd await the start of the race.
 Gauls and Romans mix in the crowd; Queen Gargamantua, Obelix and Asterix are there,
The governor in his own enclosure, looking rather grumpy, his chariot (Red) has been drawn in the outside lane, with the gauls chariot (Green) on the inside lane.
 And they're off, the chariots move off jockeying for position .....
 On the turn during the first lap, Yellow has the edge....
At the end of the first lap Yellow is still in the lead with the gaul's Green chariot in second....
 After the turn Yellow is out in the lead....
On the turn during the second lap, Yellow still has the lead ...
Yellow is still out in front as he starts his last lap,
The Gauls chariot makes a last attempt to catch Yellow.....
but can't catch him Yellow romps home to a win with the gaul's pipped at the post by Blue
Official Result:
1st - Yellow - local magnate - Ludicrous Sextus
2nd - Blue - local magnate - Nortius Maximumus
3rd - Green - the Gauls entry - Queen Gargamantua
4th - Red - the Governor's

The governor is not in a good mood, his chariot made a poor showing and came in last a fair way behind the Gallic entry. The Queen is in a reasonable mood - she didn't win but came in ahead of the Governor's entry.

Rules for chariot racing (very simple !)


Rules are designed for 54mm 2-horse chariots with a single driver.

On the race course, there is a nominal racing lane for each chariot which is 3 inches wide. A chariot may change racing lane to get the best line/overtake.

Each race is over 3 circuits of the race course.


Before each move throw 1D10 for each chariot. Highest moves first, then next highest etc..


Throw 1D3 + 1D6 + 1D10, total is maximum movement in inches for the chariot.

Then apply penalties:
-3" to change 'racing lane'

You cannot change racing lane on the first move.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Legionary mascot ...

[ new item: dog and handler from Rose Miniatures.

As an aside, the first cohort of legionaries have made it to the painting table ...]