Sunday, May 29, 2016

On route by sea ...

Gaius Cocceius has been appointed Legate to take command of the 10th legion and all associated auxiliary troops - his mandate to assist the regional governor to maintain order and take offensive action to suppress any local uprisings.

He has left his estates in Hispania and has taken ship on a naval transport vessel
his journey will take him north along the coast where he will land in northern Gaul at the naval base of Gesoriacum, from there he will travel inland to the legionary headquarters at Condimentium.
[ new item - a PlayMobil roman ship; just the right sort of size for my 54mm; a rather short bireme though]

Saturday, May 7, 2016

A message for the governor ..

The governor was in Botulinum and had just finished inspecting the new civic offices, when one of his clerks appeared out of the crowd

The clerk reached the governor, a message sir from the regional military commander, you asked me to bring it to you as soon as it arrived ..
 The governor unrolled the scroll and read the contents..
A vexilliation of Legio X has been approved, you will need to make preparations to provide for 4 cohorts. These troops will not arrive until the rest of Legio X on service at the northern frontier return to the legionary fortress of Condimentium, this should be in about a month's time. In addition an extra cohort of auxiliaries has been despatched and should arrive at Botulinum within the week. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

municipal building (work in progress..2..)

A little bit done to improve the look of the building, I've filled in the side doors and will be using them to show off a couple of busts (perhaps the chaps who endowed the building ?)

I'm trying to find a suitable image of a building interior to see through the doorway - I have found one but its not quite right; will keep looking ....

Sunday, May 1, 2016

municipal building (work in progress....)

I've moved on a few steps now with the roman municipal building, based on a part from the PlayMobil roman arena set.

The doorway and pediment detail have been added and a suitable base made - with enough area in front to display a good number of my civilians
I will add a low relief back to the building, with some minimal interior detail; the will get on with painting and finishing