Saturday, May 7, 2016

A message for the governor ..

The governor was in Botulinum and had just finished inspecting the new civic offices, when one of his clerks appeared out of the crowd

The clerk reached the governor, a message sir from the regional military commander, you asked me to bring it to you as soon as it arrived ..
 The governor unrolled the scroll and read the contents..
A vexilliation of Legio X has been approved, you will need to make preparations to provide for 4 cohorts. These troops will not arrive until the rest of Legio X on service at the northern frontier return to the legionary fortress of Condimentium, this should be in about a month's time. In addition an extra cohort of auxiliaries has been despatched and should arrive at Botulinum within the week. 

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  1. it's come together well, just needs a fountain for slaves to lean against, but sounds as if you've set yourself a painting challenge.