Sunday, May 29, 2016

On route by sea ...

Gaius Cocceius has been appointed Legate to take command of the 10th legion and all associated auxiliary troops - his mandate to assist the regional governor to maintain order and take offensive action to suppress any local uprisings.

He has left his estates in Hispania and has taken ship on a naval transport vessel
his journey will take him north along the coast where he will land in northern Gaul at the naval base of Gesoriacum, from there he will travel inland to the legionary headquarters at Condimentium.
[ new item - a PlayMobil roman ship; just the right sort of size for my 54mm; a rather short bireme though]


  1. Wow! that works really well, did you have to paint the ship or is that how it comes? You must have built up quite a large collection for this project now.

    1. The ship is as made by PlayMobil, a little adapation will be needed. This project has caused me some space problems, so I have to plan carefully what I add.

  2. Looks nice...and colorful!

  3. Love the galley. Of necessity quite truncated but it certainly has the right look. I think Conte might be releasing a new Roman warship but considering the first edition cost $750, it's bound to be madly expensive.