Monday, September 30, 2019

Playing with forts (3) .... one for the Gauls

Managed to setup something to represent part of a Gallic (or Celtic) hill fort. I used most of my pallisade section pieces, but was stuck for the ditch - I decided to indicate the ditch using some thickish cut-outs form some old table mats covered with the green fabric of my hill pieces and table risers. The indication of the ditch is sufficient, it will do for a game or backdrop.

The two nice huts are from J G Miniatures, they are really good models may invest in one more.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Playing with forts (2) ... Roman Style Wooden fort

Dressed up a straight ditch configuration for the romans with the wooden palisade sections; looks reasonable..

From the inside.....
The ditch, with a new causeway piece ... (yep those backdrops are too low - OK for general gaming though)
 a look down the table, perhaps what a gaul may see if looking at it having climbed up a small tree....

Still working on a more curvy look to provide something for the Gauls.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Playing with forts ...

Starting in one of the things on my list - making a section of gallic fort (or similar).

First up I just put the palisade sections out in the corner of the table ...
way to flat really, so after faffing about with my table riser sections and hill pieces, have something that has a sort of ditch and is on a low hill.
its a bit straight for a gallic/geltic hill fort but would do for a roman wooden fort, I can use a similar scheme with my stone walls to give the roman fort/town a ditch. Need something more curvy for the gallic hill fort.