Thursday, September 18, 2014

Legio X: Second Cohort

The second cohort of the roman legion on the march and deployed .....

[Finally got round to painting these chaps. 

Officer is from Irregular Miniatures with added shield; standard bearer is a metal figure with plastic shield; rank and file are Call-to-Arms heavily modified with my home made pilum and shield design stick on labels

Two more cohorts of these left to paint.....]  

Saturday, September 13, 2014

At the Legionary fort .....

Officers discuss the progress of preparing a detachment of the legion to be sent to Botulinum..
 New recruits and replacements are directed to their barracks...
The first century of the 1st Cohort on parade....
[new items:
photo1 - all from Whittlesey Miniatures, the legionaries on guard have Toyway Heriocs square shields and my home made pilum.
photo2 - 3 legionaries in marching order and officer from Whittlesey Miniatures.
photo2 -  eagle bearer body Whittlesey Miniatures, with New Hope design velite head/wolfskin.]