Monday, May 21, 2012

Roman Command - 'Conversions'

I had bought some 54mm metal figures at a reasonable price online; but 54mm no ! one was more 58mm and very chunky, the other two 60mm - so I needed to salvage the best bits. So I made up a centurion/Commander and a standard bearer (who really ought to have wolfskin - maybe later ?) - composed of two useable heads, a body and one arm - the rest various plastic spares
The unusable parts of the metal figures have been cut up to go in the melting pot for my home-cast 18C 40mm figures - waste not want not.

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  1. Oh dear, they looked so good on the website, but scale is a fickle entity, and particularly in so called 54mm ranges. I have ordered a couple of Roman emporers from this company, but for use as statues so it shouldn't matter too much.