Thursday, April 25, 2013

The gauls have a (little) feast ....

In the new regional capital of Botulinum, the governor Quintus Lascivious is discussing the option to station some legionary troops in the city, in addition to the auxiliaries already there.

Meanwhile oblivious to the goings on in Botulinum, the gauls decide to have a small feast.....
Vitalstatistix exclaims - "Let the stuffing commence !"
Impedimenta tells Obelix he's not getting near what's being roasted
(otherwise he'd pig the lot ...)
One of the guests checks out the side tables
Getafix tries to stop Cacofonix from singing
Asterix chats up one of the local ladies
The overall scene


  1. Excellent work, just like the closing picture in all the Asterix books (except Cacofonix isn't tied up yet).

  2. Superb work.Your hard work is coming together very well indeed!