Sunday, September 8, 2013

roman villa - initial build

Yesterday decided to get on with the villa - the final item has to be capable of use with 40 & 54mm figs - so maybe a bit smaller than would be right for 54mm but a bit large for the 40mm. First measured up and added the main walls in foamboard, with doors cut out.
 then today added the roofs (which lift off) and the basic covered colonnade at the front
That's all of the roman buildings initial build done, so I've got the villa and two others made up which were shown in the previous post - onto the detailing for them next. I may put a basic interior in the villa - some mosaic floors and simply decorated walls.

What about the gauls/celts ? well eventually I'm aiming to build 3 huts and one low relief building plus a pallisade to go in the corner or one of the short sides of the gaming table.

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