Saturday, September 16, 2017

Building works ....

it was off to the Roman World storage cupboard (aka wardrobe) today to get out the buildings to see what could be done with them

a bit of shuffling done to get the big boxes out from the bottom and take the buildings downstairs to the gaming room to see how they could be arranged and improved.

the main target was the roman villa, on a big base and not very versatile, so it was taken off the base and the leftovers retained to be made into three separate buildings - some replacement walls etc will be needed.....
 a quick arrangement ... good enough for a street scene story line setup ...
 or even for the market ....(must get those stalls and figures painted sometime 😊)
buildings setup to represent a villa of sorts
plan to make a couple of new buildings as well - best check there is room in the storage boxes for them first though ....


  1. Wow, looks brilliant. That's a lot of Sanderson figures waiting to be done.

  2. Terrific look to your town and estate both. They both will provide a wonderful backdrop for future games.