Sunday, October 23, 2011

Initial Choices, Samples etc

Have decided on 54mm, they are closest in size to the Asterix characters I started with.
Have been sampling a couple figure sets:
  • Italeri Gauls - - nice set 8 poses, 16 in set 
  • HAT Gallic Warband - nice set 4 poses, 16 in set
  • Call to Arms Roman Warriors - 4 poses, 16 in set - not very good set of poses - possibly convertable.
Also had a look metal figures- best so far is Irregular Miniatures (£3.75 a foot figure) - plan to use these for commanders/officers.

I've also found there is another tube of Asterix characters which includes some romans - which I've ordered.

Some initial ideas on basing is to use poker chips, I have a load I got in a charity shop which I use for trees but they seem to suit the 54mm figs.

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  1. Moving along nicely- some interesting choices to be made...