Saturday, October 15, 2011

What got me started ...

I've been looking for another period for my wargaming and had though of ancients but needed a stimulus. Some Asterix characters from Plastoy (Plastoy Tubo Asterix Tube) got the old brain started. These are approx 45mm+ in size they could be large 40mm or undersize 54mm.
Hmm ? so 40mm or 54mm gaming - food for thought. Currently sampling some figs.


  1. This looks promising Alan. I find 54mm profoundly satisying to paint and would look forward to seeing your work. Good fun sourcing th e figures too although the metal ones tend to go for quite a lot. I think HAT and ITALERI do some ranges for Romans and Celts.

  2. Figures look great-I can't wait to see the village in 54mm not to mention those romans...

  3. Somewhere I have a pristine box of the Romans by that German outfit ...