Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gallic Chariot - work in progress

I've been collecting bits together for the chariot for a while, having bought another box of Italeri gauls I have now got some suitable figs to convert - I need to make up the chap holding the reigns. Here is the first assembly of the chariot ...

Also managed to find some storage boxes with just the right depth to hold the gauls, romans and accessories (Very Useful Box -11 litre)..


  1. Super looking chariot Tidders.
    Good storage ideas too.

  2. Excellent chariot, what did you use for the sides and the wheels?

    Best wishes, Brian

  3. Brian

    The wheels are Lego wheels -
    Cart Wheel Diameter 33mm (Lego do a Cart Wheel Diameter 27mm as well). I found a bag of cart wheels at a Car Boot sale; you can get them online at www.spareblocks.com/lego_wheels.html;

    The sides are made up from Renedra wattle fencing