Saturday, July 7, 2012

Romans - Work in Progress ....

I was getting my unit of auxiliaries ready to paint. I had prepared/converted some HAT triarii and had them all armed with swords. I wasn't satisfied with them - two problems the head/helmet didn't look right and a lack of spears.

The first thing I did was to give them some new heads taken from spare Call-To-Arms romans; then made some spears from cocktail sticks and green stuff  - tryouts with spears below
the spears armed men look OK so I've decided to arm half the unit with spears.  While I was thinking of spears, the Call-To-Arms roman legionaries are all brandishing swords - so pilums are needed (sorry don't know the right latin plural for pilum). First try shown below of making a pilum from wire spear top and cocktail stick compared to one I got in the BMC romans set I bought recently
I'll probably make enough up for my legionary unit(s) to be half armed with pilums.


  1. Good work , you have some great ideas.

  2. Excellent work there. Look forward to seeing them painted.

  3. The glue and green stuff for the conversions is currently hardening (I usually wait a couple of days), then I'll be getting them primed and ready to paint

    -- Allan

  4. Clever conversions there, Allan.

    And I think the plural of pilum is pila.