Saturday, August 18, 2012

Roman Auxiliary Command and a few Gauls more...

I've been considering having some roman cavalry, but not too much. A bit of reading on the web - auxiliary units did have some cavalry attached - 'Cohors equitata' : unit of auxiliary infantry with attached mounted squadron(s). Just right to add a few cavalry.  So I bought a box of HAT 1/32 Carthaginian cavalry to hack about. First up the command, a standard bearer and officer, using some BMC heads, shield from the HAT triari, the fur for the standard bearer gave me some difficulty - then realised that some dolls house grass is just right, the conversions in the raw ...

and painted and finished off ....
Currently have the auxiliary cavalry other ranks on the modelling desk - will post piccies when finished.  While I was in 'auxiliary mode' I made up two more infantry standing with spear to act as sentries ...
And last of all a few more gauls have been painted up....
I've sorted out the gauls I've left over into groups of nine to paint, I'm also thinking of adding a couple of gallic archers (did they have them ?).


  1. Well WRG (Wargames Research Group)used to allow archers in Gallic armies.

  2. Great work,project moving along nicely.

  3. Excellent conversions !

    By the way, I don't know if you've seen these Dutkins' "Lil Army" molds, but as a man not averse to doing some home casting, the Roman archers and cavalryman may be of use to you:

    Honestly don't know if they'd ship to the UK or not, but it doesn't hurt to ask. I have a few other of the 54mm molds, the figures produced are of variable quality, but the molds themselves are robust rubber designs and easy to cast with.


  4. Steve

    The molds look like they'll be useful and they do ship outside US - thanks for the info

    -- Allan